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As a multi-generational family farm we are intrinsically future thinking. Our business model is based on investing in the ecosystem that will be left for our children instead of focusing on the bottom dollar.

What this looks like


Created in the PNW, the Salmon Safe label verifies that a farm uses land management practices that allow Pacific salmon healthy passage in West Coast watersheds.


The LIVE certified label means that the latest in sustainability research and internationally-accredited standards are implented in our vineyards.


Deep Roots


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As Members of the Deep Roots Coalition we join PNW Viticulturists who are committed to conserving water resources through dry-farming our vines.


Dry-farming is not only an environmentally conscious way to reduce water consumption, it also creates an honest reflection of the land and the vintage. Our grapes receive only the water that nature provides, and that sense of terroir is reflected in each bottle.

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Solar panels are installed in four different locations throughout the farm.

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Our crops rely on the energy from the sun as do all systems on the farm that use electricity.

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