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The Heart of the Matter

In 1970 Bob Zielinski and his wife, Pam, started their family on a piece of land in the Willamette Valley that would grow into Scenic Valley Farms. Today Scenic Valley grows over a thousand acres of pears, wheat, hazelnuts, hops, grass seed, and wine grapes.


Bob built a business that is self-sustainable, with an abundance of resources and skill sets. If something is broken we fix it instead of replacing it. That farm mentality flows into the winery and gives us the ability to over deliver on price and quality in every bottle.

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"I Just want to make wines my friends and family can enjoy."

-Gabriel Jagle,

Gabriel Jagle makes wines that hold up to a foodie palate, but are user-friendly enough for the average person to have with dinner any day of the week.  He uses natural winemaking techniques like wild yeast, carbonic maceration, and low sulfur, but always with the ultimate goal of making wines that are clean and delicious.

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Estate Vineyard

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"The vineyard is the place where farming meets art."

-Brian Zielinski,
Vineyard Manager

Brian Zielinski grew up finding arrowheads in the soil that is now the estate vineyard. He remembers sitting on his Dad’s lap in a tractor while tilling the land when Bob told him, “If you care for the ground it will care for you.”  This bit of wisdom flows through every choice Brian makes in the vineyard.

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Our Values

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