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Bob & Pam Zielinski



Bob has been a farmer for the past seven decades, while Pam has raised their 5 children, 16 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchild.  Over the years their roles have changed, and daily operations of the farm have been passed on to the next generation.  However on many days you can still find Bob driving a tractor on the farm, while Pam hand-labels every single bottle of our wines...  of course when she is not busy babysitting.

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Brian Zielinski

(Master of all things productive)


a third-generation farmer; he's grown filberts, pears, cherries, green beans, corn, wheat, clover, grass seed, and just about any other crop native to the 45th parallel.  He is also the proud owner of the Hare Vineyard, farming pinot noir and a young block of pinot meunier.

Tina Millican (CCO)

(Command Center Operator)

Unequiviqually the brains of this operation.  She facilitates just about everything that happens on the farm, vineyard and winery; she also prevents most (but not all) of our dumb ideas from happening.  Tina is also our toughest wine critic, but can be won over with a good rosé.

SVF Employee
SVF Employee

Martha Zol (Assistant Winemaker)


No stranger to Oregon farming, Martha is a graduate of Chemeketa's AHIVOY program. She is a superstar in the winery growing from filtering & bottling a year ago to hands-on winemaking today.

She also dabbles with the task of keeping Gabe in check and providing organizational prowess never before seen in the winery!

Gabriel Jagle (Winemaker)


A classic winemaker at heart, Gabriel was mentored in winemaking by Brad Ford, Russ Raney, and Barney Watson.  His fruit is hand-picked, fermented in small lots with select yeast cultures, then aged in French Oak, Oregon Oak, and Stainless Steel. He uses many natural winemaking techniques, but also enjoys tinkering with chemistry and various outdated technologies.  All of his wines are hand-filtered (or unfiltered) and hand-bottled.

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